Entrust Your Custom TV Mounting Installation to the Experts in Houston, TX

Having your prized TV properly mounted according to your preference doesn’t have to be a hassle. Call us at Precision Installations for all your custom TV mounting installation in Houston, TX. We can customize each TV mount for movies, gaming, sports streaming with friends, and more.

Mounting a TV is more complicated than it looks. One should look for the studs in the wall, get the proper length of wire, and comply with building codes. But if you call us, we can make sure it is a breeze for you. Just let us know where you want your TV mounted, and we’ll see what we can do for you. We install TVs on brick, poles, ceilings, and other places in the house or business establishments. No matter how difficult the material, we make sure that every TV we mount stays secure and fall-proof. If the TV comes with separate speakers, we also can install those in optimal spots for the best audio effects.

Every custom TV mounting installation that we work on in Houston, TX comes with a free estimate, as well as a walkthrough and inspection. That way, we make sure that the client is aware of everything that needs to be done. We conceal wires properly according to building codes and make sure there is enough wire to go around, as a wire that is too short could damage electrical systems and appliances. If needed, we also offer basic tutorials for the operation of the TV and remote control.

We have won various HomeAdvisor awards for the quality of service we offer. We are also authorized dealers and installers of all sorts of TVs and other entertainment systems, from Apple to Panasonic. If you want a free estimate, or if you want a better idea of which brands we work with, feel free to reach us through phone or email.