Experience Premier Advanced Home Theater in Houston, TX

Installing an advanced home theater that qualifies for Houston, TX building code wire management can be a complicated affair. One has to know more than just where the cables run. Furthermore, the function of each piece should be considered. Speakers should be well distributed for the best sound, and the screen should be angled in a way that is comfortable for viewers. We at Precision Installations ensure that we make the home theatre that you’ve dreamed of.

In watching a movie, there are three things that should be considered:


The sound of a movie can break or make a movie. Stunning movie tracks and excellently delivered dialogue can shine at its best with an excellently laid-out sound system. Let us handle the arrangements and testing of your new audio system. Our services also include a walkthrough and inspection so that we know exactly how to get the job done.


Some of the best movies of our era get by with amazing visuals. However, without a properly placed screen, the full power of these visuals may be diminished. To avoid this, we make sure that each TV screen we install has the right mount styles to optimize our clients’ viewing pleasure.


The entire movie experience can be ruined by a stiff neck from craning to look at the screen properly. We measure and plan each advanced home theater that we install in Houston, TX to maximize the comfort and enjoyment of our clients. Whether you like plopping down on cushions or sitting on high-backed chairs, we ensure that your home theater makes every movie night special.

If you have any queries, we can be contacted through phone or email. We also have a contact form on our website that can be used to reach us easily. Call now for a free estimate!